Being told what to do in your own home

Is it just my algorithms or is social media full of magazines and influencers telling you what should be in your house, what shouldn’t be in your house, things in your house that make you middle class, things in your house that make you a ….. Really? I know people need to make a living … Continue reading Being told what to do in your own home

Ikea Hacks

These are two words that bring music to my Scandi interior loving ears. It combines the Ikea movement with imagination and that must be a good thing. Never heard of an Ikea hack? Where have you been? Just google those two little words and a whole world of interior possibilities lay in front of your … Continue reading Ikea Hacks

Operation Black continues…

Yes, you guessed it! The kitchen is not quite finished. Probably not a huge surprise but I can report good progress... The base units are 99% there. Just a few little bits and bobs to finish off. My main delay (and frustration) has been the new cupboard and door purchased to cover the boiler. It’s … Continue reading Operation Black continues…

When you want something but you don’t actually *need* it…

My Mum and Dad brought me up to know the difference between a want and a need. I would say it’s probably basic parenting and even as an adult, this concept still nags away in my mind. Many small purchases I can justify as, let’s face it, we all need a little treat from time … Continue reading When you want something but you don’t actually *need* it…

Fill your home with things you love

Things I love For reasons I do not understand, friends and family will ask my opinion on all sorts of things ‘house’ related. The questions range from colours to grout to accessories and floor plans . As I never feel qualified to impose my own personal taste on other people, I always use the following … Continue reading Fill your home with things you love

Just add a little pop of colour – a budget makeover for any room

If you are a fan of Instagram, you’ll know the phrase 'a pop of colour' well. It’s very often a hashtag on the daily challenge pages and can completely transform a room with one simple addition. As our house is mostly white sprinkled with black, a little bit of colour in each room makes all … Continue reading Just add a little pop of colour – a budget makeover for any room

Technology, it’s all relative

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you’ll know that during my childhood in the 70’s and 80’s, my parents grasped all the modern ways they could afford. This included what we then called technology but what we now call ancient! The ultra modern Trimphone! First of all there was a telephone. Not just … Continue reading Technology, it’s all relative

It’s official, I miss plates.

Eating from slates (and other nonsense). As you might have already gathered, I’m a big fan of plates - the good old fashioned eating platform with a slight lip to assist with gravy and other jus. A round, porcelain plate is something that has developed and refined over thousands of years. Square plates are something … Continue reading It’s official, I miss plates.


One of my friends recently asked me if I was a collector. It took me a few moments to respond and eventually I said ‘yes, stationery’. My stationery obsession is something that’s been with me since I was a child. Then (and now) I could be left in the stationery department of a shop and … Continue reading Collecting