Operation Black continues…

Yes, you guessed it! The kitchen is not quite finished. Probably not a huge surprise but I can report good progress…

The base units are 99% there. Just a few little bits and bobs to finish off. My main delay (and frustration) has been the new cupboard and door purchased to cover the boiler. It’s the biggest door of the kitchen – it’s taken 6 coats and I’m still not sure how it’s going to look. I’ve decided to draw a line under it and if all else fails, if I’m not happy with it when it goes up, I’m going to buy a pot of blackboard paint and use that. I guess it will make the kitchen less sleek but I’m always a fan of the ‘quirky’ so either way, it’ll be fine!

My little Ikea kitchen trolley has also taken the paint amazingly. So much so, that I might extend the project slightly and paint the bar stools to match.

All I can say is, watch this space….

The kitchen 10 days ago

The Kitchen today!

Talking of space, here’s ours right now – a quick before and end of ‘Phase I’ reveal. Definitely progress! I’ll see you all again next week for (hopefully) more of the same!

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