One of my friends recently asked me if I was a collector. It took me a few moments to respond and eventually I said ‘yes, stationery’.

My stationery obsession is something that’s been with me since I was a child. Then (and now) I could be left in the stationery department of a shop and I would look at and admire almost everything on the shelves. Of course, these days there is something extra special – post it notes! Oh my word, is there anything finer? I also love a mechanical pencil, a new notebook and… wait for it… stickers! Ha! What a child I am!

I recently visited a local Homesense store with a friend. While she marveled at the cushions, the kitchenwares, the towels… I was stood looking at all the pens and journals…. for ages! It was almost impossible to drag me away!

I have a little collection of novelty pencils – most of them are presents from friends. They sometimes also buy me a bit of novelty stationery and it all takes its turn in pride of place on my desk – thankfully my husband made me a mini home office a few years ago otherwise the poor little darlings would be homeless

My little collection of novelty pencils, happily sitting on my home desk with a few post it pads and other essentials (for a stationery geek)

Another little obsession is Wish. Do you have the app? I know some of the stuff can be a little odd and you have to check the quality carefully but pop the word ‘stationery ‘ in the search bar and prepare to be amazed at all the pens, pencils, journals AND washi tape. These little rolls of… basically patterned sellotape are currently totally bewitching me! I am slightly obsessed and my husband is slightly worried about all the little, cylindrical shaped parcels arriving from China.

Washi tape from Wish. A bargain I cannot resist!

A few months ago I treated myself to a Paperang mini printer. Oh my word, it is amazing! I’ve made lists, banners and printed some of my favourite pictures to make picture bunting. Trust me, if you like stationery, you would absolutely love this little toy!

My Paperang, making banners… literally!

I very occasionally go high end and a while ago I treated myself to a @kaweco.germany sports pencil from a lovely little independent shop in Cardiff (@homebykirsty) and then, sometime afterwards, following a hideous week in work, I found the matching pen on Amazon. It was a bit of a bargain and what can I say, I deserved it. I guess some women buy shoes. Not me.

My Kaweco sport pencil and roller ball, ready for action with a fresh journal

I know I’m not alone in my obsession – one of my nieces is just the same. Ok, she’s only 9 but as my stationery age is probably in single figures, we just ‘get it’. I recently got her a Paperang and I think she might love hers more than I love mine and that’s saying something! She’s also the reason (maybe the excuse) for some of my stationery purchases – If in doubt, blame a child!

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I also collect old industrial items to repurpose or display plus I’ve recently started collecting airplants and @Brostecph Nordic Sea crockery – I’m delighted to report that I used it one evening last week as friends visited for dinner.

I suppose, when my friend asked that question the answer should have been ‘yes, many things but stationery is definitely my favourite ‘

Do you have a passion for stationery? Are you a collector? Please get in touch and tell me about yours

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