Fill your home with things you love

Things I love

For reasons I do not understand, friends and family will ask my opinion on all sorts of things ‘house’ related. The questions range from colours to grout to accessories and floor plans . As I never feel qualified to impose my own personal taste on other people, I always use the following stock answer:

“Fill your house with things you love!”

I guess I’m following on from my Dads famous ‘only you know how you feel’ mantra (see previous blogs). I guess it’s basically the same sentiment.

Based on this little mantra, this week I thought I would share a few snaps from around our home of a few of the things I love. Some might be new to you, others you will know from previous blogs.

Moulin Rouge poster.

This is always impossible to photograph as it lives opposite a large window. It was purchased in the Moulin Rouge on my 39th birthday, after we enjoyed dinner and the most fabulous show. It’s a lovely way to remember a fabulous weekend in Paris.

It’s a beautiful poster but unfortunately never photographs well. Frame from Ikea (of course!)


Here are my shades made to order by The Little Lampshade Shop. I love the colours in this fabric and they eventually influenced the colour scheme in the front living room

Dandylion Clock in grey and orange – fabric by Sanderson

Stendig calendar

If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll already know about my love of all things black and white. Much of the house is monochrome. I’ve already ordered my 2020!

My Stendig needs no introduction to regular readers

My grandfathers trunk.

Originally purchased in the 1950’s as holiday luggage, in the late 60’s my Mum used it when she started nursing college and then it came to me in the late 1990’s when I purchased my first house

My Grandfather’s trunk. You can also spy the Leather handles from Dowsing & Reynolds on the Ikea Billy

Leather Handles

These particular examples from Dowsing and Reynolds. They turn this Ikea Billy into something so much more (I think). I have cheaper versions in the kitchen.

So that’s a small selection of my favourites. I have many more and I may share those in a later blog. Do you have a favourite?

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