Ikea Hacks

These are two words that bring music to my Scandi interior loving ears. It combines the Ikea movement with imagination and that must be a good thing.

Never heard of an Ikea hack? Where have you been? Just google those two little words and a whole world of interior possibilities lay in front of your eyes. There are websites and companies dedicated to this movement of interior obsessed followers.

For example take a look at www.ikeahackers.net – this is an absolute wealth of information and ideas, from DIY dolls houses to directions on how to turn the basic Ikea Rast set of drawers (currently £25) into a wine/drinks cart. It’s all there!

Some companies have been formed on the basis of Ikea hacks and if you’ve been reading regularly, you’ll already be aware of my love for the Plykea Kitchen – https://www.plykea.com/

Don’t get me wrong, I love a standard Ikea product as they are built mostly for function as well as form. I wouldn’t be without my Pax wardrobes, they give me so much storage space compaired to a standard wardrobe.

The Malm set of drawers with the matching glass top. This works perfectly, just as it is.

Sometimes you just need a little tweek. For example, just add some skirting board to the bottom of a few Billy Bookcases and they are suddenly transformed into something that looks much more comfortable in its environment and far more expensive.

The Ikea Billy. This example sits in our kitchen. Even though this is two separate units (one single and one double) , the addition of the board really brings it together.

Occasionally  a lick of paint completely transforms a product and gives it a whole new lease of life.

Here are my Ingolf bar stools after three coats of Frenchic Blackjack. What a transformation! (the cupboard with doors missing in the background confirms the kitchen refurb is still ongoing!)

We’ve been using this technique on a few items in our kitchen as part of the current refurb (There, I’ve said it – but given it’s all I’ve done for nearly three weeks, I guess it had to pop in there somewhere!).

My Bekvan kitchen trolley was given three coats of Frenchic Blackjack paint and it now looks completely transformed and the Fjalla boxes fit perfectly

Finally, never be too surprised how compatible products from different Ikea departments/ranges actually are.

Some Korken bottles, in a Plega basket, in a Tutemo box. Perfect!

Mix and match is definitely a winner!

So, next week will bring the full kitchen reveal but first, my annual coffee morning in aid of McMillan cancer Support. Wish me luck… !

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