It’s official, I miss plates.

Eating from slates (and other nonsense).

As you might have already gathered, I’m a big fan of plates – the good old fashioned eating platform with a slight lip to assist with gravy and other jus.

A round, porcelain plate is something that has developed and refined over thousands of years.

Square plates are something I don’t understand – they don’t stack or store any better and take up far more room on a small table but they are far better than some of the alternatives…

Firstly, chopping boards. Seriously! Is there anything less hygienic than a previously used chopping board and now they think if they put a square of grease proof paper on the top, its suddenly acceptable to serve food on them. Honestly, I could rant all day long. I was once served fish pie on a board. Apparently my face was an absolute picture. As I looked up at all my friends sitting around the table, all I could say was ‘I miss plates’. They laughed but it’s true, I do. If my husband sees a chopping board heading my way, he knows exactly what I will do next… ask for a plate and when I’m obliged, I transfer all the food into it and ask the offending board be taken back to the kitchen. It makes him cringe but I have to make the point (without sending the food back to the kitchen for the staff to… !).

Slates. Here’s another fashion I cannot understand. I admit, they must be more hygienic than a board, but by how much? I recently stumbled across an advert on Instagram for a local hotel advertising one of their deserts on a slate – it was ice cream! I mean, really? You’d have to give yourself brain freeze in order to eat it before it starts melting off the sides. I can’t remember the last time I saw something quite as ridiculous. Also, have you ever watched the poor waiting staff trying to pick up slates when you’ve finished? Due to the lack of lip, it’s really tricky.

The Ikea 365 range has always served us well and it was perfect for afternoon tea a few weeks ago to celebrate Mothering Sunday

Paper/disposable/single use plates are something that we obviously must get over. I guess the melamine reusable versions are a little more acceptable but in this house, we have a box of party plates stored in the attic. They are the basic, white Ikea 365 range. We have a decent stash – 12 each of side plates, dinner plates and bowls. We’ve probably had them for 10 years or so and every time we have a party or I hold a coffee morning, they come down. We bought them on special offer. From memory it was about £15 for the whole lot and I bet we’ve saved at least three times that by not buying paper plates for the last decade or so. Plus, as they are white, if/when there are any damages, they can be replaced easily. Thankfully no breakages so far but I’ve said it out loud now so I guess it’s only a matter of time!

This is an image from – take a look at their site as they have many images to make you giggle!

Breakfasts on shovels – apparently this is a thing. has this image on its site. Apparently the history to this trend is about stream train drivers – they used to cook and eat from their shovel over the engines. The website makes one, very valid point – ‘we are not train drivers’. We are mostly paying customers. Please, give us a nice and, more importantly, a clean plate.

So, what’s in my cupboards? In this house we have two dinner sets – this is a new thing. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you will know that until recently we were white Ikea 365 all the way but I’ve recently started collecting some Danish stoneware.

A cosy dinner for two, using some of my Nordic Sea stonewear by Broste, all pieces are individually glazed making each unique

Here’s a lovely image to leave you with; a few years ago I had the privilege of eating at a local Michelin Star restaurant. The food was beautiful and beautifully presented… on plates. Better still.. white, round, porcelain plates and dessert was served in bowls. I rest my case

Dessert at a local Michelin Start restaurant. It’s perfect!

If you’ve had any similar experiences or agree with my rant, please leave a comment below or get in touch.

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