Being told what to do in your own home

Is it just my algorithms or is social media full of magazines and influencers telling you what should be in your house, what shouldn’t be in your house, things in your house that make you middle class, things in your house that make you a ….. Really? I know people need to make a living but surely home is personal and it means different things to different people? We all have different wants and needs and tastes.

As I have said previously, for reasons I don’t understand friends and family have asked my advice about things home, and as I said in a previous blog, my advice is always the same… Fill your home with things you love. That’s certainly what I do.

As I’ve already shown you the things I love,  I thought I’d do the opposite and tell you about some of the things you will not find in my home. I will mention this caveat – this may change because both tastes and fashions change with time so don’t shoot me if in 10 years time one of these finds it’s way over the threshold.

Open kitchen shelves

Blimey, don’t they look beautiful in magazines? But my amazement at their aesthetic properties is very quickly over taken by my second thought… Blimey, imagine dusting that lot! I’m torn between thinking these people with their beautiful shelves are either compulsive dusters/cleaners or they don’t care about dust. Which is it? Here is an example I can only aspire to…

Double beds against walls

Yes, it creates room but how does the person on the inside get out without waking the one of the outside? Also, have you ever tried to change a fitted sheet on a bed pushed against a wall? Blinkin’ nightmare! I think this is probably far worse on a double so I’ll reserve judgement on a single bed for now (mostly because we might build a cabin bed in our box room next year for the rare occasion we have a child stay overnight).

Blackboard painted walls/cupboards

I admit, when these are done well they are amazing. I have toyed with the idea but would it ever look “just right”? I’m thinking that is seriously unlikely and I would spend half my waking life tinkering with it.

I seriously considered black board paint for this cupboard (housing the boiler) but I know I would spend the rest of my life correcting/replacing/erasing !


I’m just not a BLUE sort of person. I wear loads of navy but around the house, it does nothing for me. When we tiled the splash back in our downstairs toilet a few years ago, we went for duck egg, just so we would have blue somewhere.  Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful tiles and they look great but I’m so glad they are not in the kitchen


I fell out of love with curtains a very long time ago. When money was tight and options fewer, they were used but no longer. It’s shutters and blinds in every room. They take up less space, they are neater and so much easier to clean .

Patterned bedding

No, no, no! I can’t do it. We have mostly white bedding in this house – the only exception being a grey stripe. This I because I’ve always been a dreamer, or should I say that I’ve always had very vivid dreams. Only a few nights  ago I woke my husband at 4am because I was dreaming he was late for work! As you can imagine, he didn’t thank me for that. My theory I that if we had patterned bedding and the last thing I saw before I drifted off to sleepy land was a vivid pattern, who knows what my mind would get up to. Plus, crisp white bedding always has a hotel feel about it. I like it. No more to be said I guess, that’s reason enough.

What things are banned from your homes? Do you take any notice of those articles that pop on social media? I’d love to hear from you.

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