What’s new for 2020?

Is the new year really time for a spring clean and an interior refresh?

For us this is absolutely the case. After a reasonably horrific final quarter of 2019 ( my last blog will explain), I am desperate for a fresh start and, thanks to an absolutely cracking holiday over Christmas to recharge my almost completely depleted battery, I am raring to go!

So far this year I have….

Organised kitchen cupboards

Marie Kondo’d my wardrobe

Sent a huge black sack of stuff to the charity shop

Decided on several items to list on ebay

AND…. Drumroll please…. Found myself a vintage Ercol dining table at an absolute steal!

WELL DONE ME! I am back in the game and I am on fire!

I have also made a monumental (home décor) decision. I am selling my much loved church pew and the kitchen table my Grandfather bought me 21 years ago. Neither of these were easy choices. I have tossed the reasons and possible excuses around in my head until, at last, I found an elaborate and reasoned argument for me to get what I want.

Firstly, the pew. My Mum gave it to me and she’s no longer with us. Together, we chose two of them when the church she attended in my old home town needed refurbishment many, many years ago. I realised a few days ago that she sold hers when all she wanted to do was downsize to a flat by the seaside, so why am I keeping mine?!

Secondly, the table – a house warming present from my Grandfather for the first house I ever bought. It’s solid beech and the six chairs are a classic bistro style – that’s me all over, finding something that would last. Plus, I absolutely adored my Grandfather. What to do? Over the last few days I’ve talked to a friend (who is in a very similar situation) and my husband and then I realised something – selling this table would provide me with funds to buy the table of dreams. In fact, my Grandfather was really buying me a new table…

…. Within a matter of hours I found myself on Ebay bidding for a 1960’s vintage Ercol drop leaf of dreams. Better still, I got it… even better… I got it for £73.01!

Safe to say, I’ll get more than enough for the pew, the table and six chairs to cover the cost of the table and, hopefully, pay for the little bit of refurbishment it needs. I already have a potential buyer for the pew so next weekend the six chairs will come down from the attic (where they have lived for the last few years) and they will be photographed with the table for someone else to bag a bargain and enjoy them. In all reality, back in 1998, neither my grandfather or I expected me to hold on to them (and care for them – there is hardly a mark!) for such a long period of time.

So, interior trends for us and in general for this coming year:

  1. Mid century modern. That’s still going strong and my excitement at 9pm last night over a table actually older than me proves that
  2. Scandi style. The paired down style with “form and function” continues and the continuation of mid-century modern furniture proves that
  3. Colour. The Pantone colour of 2020 is 19 -4052 or Classic Blue. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t do much for me – you’d be hard pressed to find anything blue in this house. For us, the current trend for black continues, with white being a very strong second and orange being the colour pop of preference.
  4. Plant life. Real plants, faux plants and plant based designs are still hugely popular. No doubt this is due to an increased interest not only in environmental issues but also our own personal wellbeing and increased awareness of how our own personal space can influence our mood and health.
  5. Natural fabrics and muted tones,  to promote a feeling of calm

So, to tie in a few of the points I’ve already mentioned, it seems we’ll be looking for a bit of structured simplicity in our homes; we all want a bit of calm and tranquillity. Generally speaking we’ll be looking for quality in our lifestyle and that ties in the “form & function” of the very popular, scandi/mid-century movement with those environmentally friendly choices to increase the relaxing properties of a comfortable home and a home that functions with ease. Our homes will be full of carefully considered items and generally more thoughtful pieces . I guess it’s basically still HYGGE by a different name.

Personally, while the winter months are with us, I’ll be going for Fika – A Swedish custom where friends gather to eat, to drink and to talk, in a cosy and inviting atmosphere. That’s certainly the ambition for our home until the clocks spring forward and summer evenings take us outside a little more. Let’s hope lots of our friends are happy to gather around that new table in the weeks to come…

It looks like the fairy lights and candles will remain with us for a few months to come and I have a new mantra for 2020 – nothing is forever (it helped with the table decision so I’m sticking with it)!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you here again soon.

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