Insta community. How to make friends and influence people, literally!

A few years ago I joined Instagram in a personal capacity and for no particular reason. Sometime later, I opened a second account dedicated to all things “house” as I realised I might be starting to bore my friends and family with constant chatter about paint and blinds and bedding and… basically everything house.

Since I started this second account,  I’ve made some lovely instafriends in my instaworld. We are all from different walks of life, with difference tastes and styles but somehow we just get each other and I thought I would use this platform as an opportunity to give them all a bit of a shout out. When I say all, I’m sorry I can’t quite fit all of my insta world in one blog but here goes…


Debbie is my local Frenchic supplier. She is always on hand with advice and a smile. I recently won a bid on ebay for a vintage Ercol table and I trusted Debbie to carry out the refurbishment. The job she’s done is absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough


Such a lovely lady and geographically speaking, not too far away from me. This instafriend is my insta giveaway companion – we always tag each other. I’ve won two competitions during my time on insta so it is really worth plugging away at them!


This was a lovely find. Nothing much to add here, take a look for yourself. The twice yearly publications are such a highlight and everything else is a bonus!


This lovely lady trusted me with her products last year and I was her insta brand rep for three months. It turns out, she was in school with my Friends niece. It’s a small world. Her products are lovely and I will always champion her as I felt so honoured to be trusted with her brand.

I miss these little packages!


Another lovely and creative lady. Like me, she loves a bit of monochrome. Head to her account, you will not be disappointed


Another lovely lady, quite geographically close to me. Suzie has the most beautiful home. Honestly, any words I could throw together would not do it justice. Pop over to her account and take a look for yourself.

For that’s just a few of my favourites – of course, I’ve mentioned others in previous blogs. Do you have any others to recommend? Please get in touch and let me know. Please also stay safe – I’m writing this in the Covid 19 lockdown of 2020, which might explain how I’ve managed to post two blogs in one day after such a long absence!

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