If I could build my dream house….

If you could build your dream house in the next 7 days, what would it look like? Good question eh? This is something I think about… probably a little too regularly!

When I chat with friends, I sometimes bring up this subject and I absolutely love that everyone has a completely different idea. Some want to recreate the Victorian we are all so familiar with, some want an LA style mansion, others only think about where they would build and one of my friends loves Art Deco style. Me? I want a modern, Scandinavian style lodge – black on the outside and easy to live in.

Most of all, I wouldn’t want anything that looked extravagant. Just a building with enough space to live comfortably with a private, rear facing living room, a utility room to hide all the inevitable crap and a garden to relax in. Obviously, the inside would be painted white and there would be plenty of Ikea products – that goes without saying. Now I just need that winning lotto ticket!

I’ve narrowed my dream home into my top five wants/needs :


Firstly, I would build a barn style construction, this way the outer walls and roof would be self-supporting and I could play around with the internal layout to my hearts content.

It would probably be a combination of black brick with black mortar and black stained cladding. There would definitely be lot’s of angles such as this lovely example from @blackonthedaily

I love this example and I’m sure it would look equally good during summer months as black perfectly compliments green foliage


I would want the ground floor to be bigger than the first floor – ideally that would only be a private space for himself and I, just a master suite with a rear-facing balcony,  looking out over the garden.

A guest room down stairs would be a nice option, that way both us and any guests have an element of privacy.

While our current house is pretty standard, we have tweaked the layout to suit us and I think I would probably stick to similar; A large rear facing open plan kitchen with a dining area and a cosy corner for sofas with a vaulted ceiling. There would also be a front facing, more formal living room and this room would perhaps be more traditional but in a mid-century style. I would also want a downstairs cloakroom, a utility room and a boot room – somewhere you can deal with muddy boots and dripping wet coats before entering the main part of the house.


If I were to design a kitchen this week, it would definitely involve @Plykea as I just love the retro simplicity of their product. Yes, it would probably be black! Also, the kitchen would absolutely need a breakfast bar but preferable one with better lighting than ours. It would be open into an informal living/dining area and have huge picture windows and large doors out into the garden – This room would definitely have to be rear facing.

Plykea kitchens – a scandi style combo of plywood and formica


Most homes have a fire and a Cocoon style fire would definitely be on my list for the kitchen and maybe something a little more mainstream for the formal living room. At the moment we are bucking the trend for wood burners and have a bioethanol fire. It’s so easy to keep clean, plus I’m not too keen on the smell of wood burning so it’s perfect and doesn’t create any dust or residue. So much easier and I think they would also feature in my dream House

A cocoon fire from @cocoonfireplace


That’s easy, green and lot’s of trees for privacy and shelter.

So that’s my dream house. What would yours be?

Thanks for reading my blog again this week. Please get in touch if you have anything to share about the subject.

Finally, can any of you help me out with those Lotto numbers please?

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