How Green is your Garden?

Garden goals

It’s that time of the year when I think I’m proud of my garden and then I look at Instagram… Blimey, there are some seriously impressive green spaces out there and the irony is that that some of them are not actually very green.

I am green with envy!

We have a small garden, the sort of outside space you would expect with a relatively new build (1981). It was made even smaller a few years ago thanks to our kitchen constension (conservatory/extension ) and the widening of our parking area to provide a dual car port.

Making the most of a small garden with pots and solar lighting

The kitchen is absolutely worth it and having a car port is amazing – especially when its bucketing it down with rain and you can get out of the car, get your coat on and find the umbrella while staying bone dry!

Next summer, I’m reclaiming half of the car port as we no longer need the extra parking and I really want an outdoor space that we can use in any weather. Originally the idea was a sheshed but my head has been turned by the outdoor living rooms on Instagram and I’m taking inspiration from the likes of @hels_home

Outdoor living room inspiration from @hels_home

The carport roof will remain in place and himself is building a deck. We are planning a screen and outdoor projector. Can’t wait!

I also love using unusual objects as planters such as food cans (as shown in a previous blog) and this churn – found in a local floral warehouse and a bit of a bargain.

Earlier this year, using a churn to plant some mint

If there’s something I’m proud of every year, it’s my hostas. They were a gift from a friend’s Mum and when ever they visit, they are always impressed with how they’ve come on! They do suffer a little with the slugs and this year I’m trialing homemade garlic spray. I’ll keep you posted on that one!

My hosta bed. The slugs have enjoyed a few meals already this summer but I am hoping the homemade garlic spray will put a stop to it for the rest of the season. Also, check out my mistletoe – hosted by one of the apple trees!

For some real gardening inspiration, I sit down every weekend with Monty and a mug of tea. I’ll never have a garden like his – in all honestly, I’m not sure I’d want it as it looks like serious hard work but it’s a nice bit of ‘me time’. Plus it’s very entertaining when he calls his dog, as we have a cat with the same name and it makes her very confused!

The instagram account of @joanner3 is also a real inspiration. We have a few small maples and I hope they make her standard one day.

Perfect planing from @joanner3

Finally a non green but perfect garden from @brockleyhouse This is a designer garden I could definitely live with!

Gardens without lawns can look perfect too!

I think I mostly like my garden to be green and a little traditional. If we make enough progress with the deck and I’m feeling brave, I might even enter the local open garden scheme next summer. Watch this space!

Thanks again for reading. If you have any great gardening tips, please get in touch!

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