Repurpose and reuse

I absolutely love old industrial style objects. I love looking at things and working out how to use them differently or display them. 

Last month I spent weeks working out what I could use as plant pots -something that would fit in my milk bottle holder. I looked around the house, around the office, around Ikea and, of course, I trawled Instagram. Then, one random lunchtime in the office my assistant picked up one of my guilty secrets as I didn’t have time to get to the shop – a tin of macaroni cheese. Hey presto, as I curled back the lid I realised it was the perfect vessel. Exactly what I was looking for! For the next three lunchtimes, I enjoyed some canned food and eventually I had enough! Out came the glue gun and some black gingham ribbon I had laying around, the drill to make a few drainage holes and they were ready for planting. 

These old food cans were perfect for planting and added a little colour to the doorstep

Talking of planting, does anyone else go to Morrisons for plants? A few summers ago one of my older neighbours introduced me to the Morrisons garden shop. You can’t always get exactly what you want but there’s always something that will suit. In my experience, the plants are always great quality and excellent value. Well worth a visit if you are in need of a shrub or bedding plant. 

I have a few little items around the house which cannot be described as your standard ‘ornament ‘. Some are unique and tell their own story. For example, I have a collection of folding wooden rulers. I have been obsessed with these for as long as I can remember. Plus, they last longer than flowers !

My little collection of wooden rulers – they last much longer than flowers

Recently I was absolutely mesmerised at a street market in Barcelona by a stall full of vintage, wooden, beautiful… old printing press letters. I knew I didn’t need them and I tried several times to walk away empty handed but I failed! 

Vintage printing press letters. I now wish I’d bought more!

My husband and I are both originally from a town in the South Wales Valleys. Both of us remember the sight of men coming home from ‘the pit’ with the coal dust in their eyes, giving the impression of the most perfectly applied eyeliner. To remind us of that, we have a Davey Lamp. One day we will light it. I’m sure it will be perfect for summer evenings in the garden, even if that is so far away from its original purpose and environment. My grandfather was a miner and I know absolutely that he would be pleased I’m acknowledging my heritage and even more pleased that I’m living my life my way and by the seaside.

Our Davey lamp, originally used by miners at Ferndale colliery and now sitting by the fire in our living room


I also love objects that are designed to echo original industrial products and my vase from StolenForm is one of my favourites – it was a Christmas present from my team and I love it. 

My brick vase by StolenForm. Isn’t it beautiful!

Do you have anything with an industrial past in your home? Something unique or personal to your own working life? I’d love to hear about it.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition. Please leave me a comment if you did.

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