While I always knew about my love of all things white (see previous blogs) and my bias to many things black (I rarely have a car in any other colour), it was Instagram that made me realise that monochrome was my thing!

This summer we will be embarking on a kitchen overhaul and as a personal challenge, I’m planning to do it for under £150. Basically we are planning an extension within the next 24 months so there is no way I’m spending a whole pile of hard earned cash on a new kitchen, just for it to be trashed. The one we have must survive a little longer but I’m sick of the sight of it. It will be going black (probably) but you’ll have to come back in September to read all about that little adventure!

So, monochrome…

The Stendig in our kitchen. A design classic.

If there is one standout design classic, it’s a Stendig Calendar. We have one in our kitchen. I’m sure most of my friends just think it’s weird but I think it’s fabulous! If a special occasion takes place, I give that month as a gift. Plus, I use it as wrapping paper and it looks so smart!

Stendig wrapping at Christmas

A light box. Now, this is classic monochrome and thanks to a bit of a fashion fad, most of us have one at home. Mine was a present and I always try to put a positive, comedy or festive comment on there.

The classic lightbox is great but the message must be positive or quirky

Our decor is also quite monochrome. This was boosted after I skipped home from work around 2 years ago and said to my husband ‘did you know you can paint pvc window frames? I’m thinking black…’ he took a very deep breath and got googling. Hey presto, the back of our kitchen is now a monochrome heaven. The really odd and unexpected result… it’s super cosy!

Our kitchen at night – black painted pvc window frames with matching blinds from 247blinds

On the windows of this house, there are either white shutters or black blinds. Basically, the blinds/shutters match the inside colour of the window frames and it works an absolute treat for us! I guess having two base colours throughout the house can make life much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pop of colour – orange being my current favourite but I’ll return to that in a future blog.

What’s your favourite colour combination? Please drop me a message and let me know. I’m always looking for new ideas

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