Why Blog? Why me?

Why blog?

Honest answer? I have no idea why I’m doing this. Maybe it will be therapeutic? Maybe it will lead to new adventures? Mostly I will try to be honest and not offend – not a bad way to live your life.

Why me?

Just over a year ago, I started an Instagram page devoted mostly to home. There are a few personal bits on there but it’s mostly the house, the garden and our two little rescue cats. I didn’t really have any expectations, just realised endless photos of my sofa might be boring friends and family. Anyway, 16 months later and I may only have 200 followers but I appreciate every single one. I have made new friends and found so much inspiration!

Oddly, this little Instagram page has produced some new conversations with people I’ve known most of my life. I get told ‘Oh, you have a lovely eye’ and ‘your house is beautiful’ (and I always respond by explaining how selective the photos are!) but the biggest shock has been people seeking my opinion on their own homes; What should I do? What would you do with this? I’d love your opinion on…? In all honestly these questions usually leave me a little embarrassed, after all who am I to tell people how their own homes should or shouldn’t look but really it’s a huge compliment. My response is usually how I chose things for my own home – Fill your house with things you love.

So that’s my very first blog almost over. I’ll leave you with this image from our living room. It’s been used a few times by madedotcom and I can’t tell you the excitement each time I see my little room staring back at me from such a professional and far reaching website

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you back here soon x

At Ceinioghome HQ
Living room

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